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BTC Gateway

BTCGateway is a smart contract gateway for radar networks, helping users to easily, quickly and cost-effectively exchange digital currencies automatically

What is BTCGateway

Gateway is a digital currency gateway in a radar network, similar to the role of a bank in reality.

Radar users can recharge BTC through this gateway and exchange radar coins in the radar network. It only takes 2 steps to complete the exchange of BTC to VBC.

how to use

1. Send BTC to Gateway's gateway address.

2. Fill in your RADR address in the exchange information box below.

3. Gateway will send the corresponding number of VBCs to the RADR address you submitted according to the current conversion ratio.

The minimum exchange amount is 0.1 BTC, which is based on the Gateway exchange rate.

Exchange rate

BTC address:bc1q70qjqsgk57ukp6uc3j4kpr3ptsld5e2cj4qw9v

Exchange information

After the order is submitted, please send BTC to the gateway within 2 hours, and the gateway will send the corresponding amount of VBC to the RADR address you submitted in accordance with the exchange rate.

BTC address:bc1q70qjqsgk57ukp6uc3j4kpr3ptsld5e2cj4qw9v